World’s first combinable NFT: EIP-3664 and MetaCore

EIP-3664 has laid the foundation of the next era NFT standards.

Its naturally endowed disaggregation and assemblage characteristics enable the arbitrary combination of all NFTs. Now the DRepublic team implemented it and publish the world’s first combinable NFT Platform - Metacore and first combinable NFT Product — Legoot, every players can explore the great power of combinable NFT now. EIP-3664 and MetaCore will definitely lead to the next generation of NFTs.

The next big wave and its applications often emerge from deep layer innovation. The birth the of the 4G network ignited the smartphone industry, which in turn ignited interactive entertainment, which gave rise to social media influencers. The same logic applies to the blockchain world. The current Layer 2 ecosystem is blossoming. Infrastructures such as Polygon, Arbitrum and Fantom remain creative as ever, bringing all blockchain players new and high quality TPS experience. But vibrant development at the infrastructure layer will be destined to launch a new wave of technical innovation. A blockchain could only sustain a limited number of transactions once, and thus users would only store the most critical data on chain, such as the transaction amount, the counterparties, etc. In terms of NFTs, it only seemed natural that only the most static ones are stored, and are transferred like currencies. But as the fundamental blockchain ecosystem accelerated, Layer 2 and even faster blockchains appeared. The information transmitted per second increases, thus enhancing the information capacity of NFTs.

Technical and infrastructure innovation cannot do without the other. If we claim that Layer has led the way in blockchain infrastructure innovation, then EIP-3664 represents an NFT technological revolution. Layer 2 has propelled the information capacity of blockchains from the 3G era to 4G era. EIP-3664 and the MetaCore system, in turn, will launch NFTs from the cumbersome 9-key feature phone era to the smartphone era. EIP-3664 first transforms NFTs into a modular system where NFT players can arbitrarily disaggregate components and sell them, or buy parts from other users to assemble new ones.

The MetaCore system created by the DRepublic team is based on EIP-3664, which enables all ventures and users to create their own combinable modular NFTs, and hook them on the MetaCore identity attribute. This generates unlimited room for all blockchain users to imagine what they do with NFTs.

As the first community user Jon receives his first Legoot (the first MetaCore-based NFT), he could try asking, “What can I do with Legoot?” This is because he has yet to grasp the power of NFTs. We suggest Jon to play around, and see what Legoot can do. When John first disaggregated a whole piece of weaponry on Legoot and sold off the pieces, he was dumbfounded. “This is marvelous. I have never seen an NFT that can be arbitrarily disaggregated.” Without question, MetaCore not only provided watershed functionalities, but will also lead many ventures from the old NFT standards into the new era.

This implies that going forward, NFTs will truly become “objects” on the blockchain, capable of agile disaggregation and assembly, and not just a static image. As NFTs are disassembled and reassembled, the way that many NFT Markets are exhibited will also change. This kind of agile system opens up unlimited room for the imagination in terms of NFT functionalities.

Imagine that you once bought an NBA player card, it is not just a card for a single player or a bunch of useless cards anymore. You can gather the cards of your favourite players and combine them into an all-star team. You can now own an NFT of your dream team, or trade one of players to change your team in a myriad of ways. Moreover, as players shift seasons, their attributes also change. All this will be recorded on the blockchain and not on some centralized server. A fully decentralized NBA 2K Online? Perhaps it is already coming!

Imagine that you can sign contracts with others, where some terms cannot be altered but others such as designated signatures can be changed as needed. More importantly, as your contract ID has not changed, but just some of the terms and conditions changed, which the blockchain will also record. All edits are traceable and decentralized.

Imagine that you no longer have to put up with random rigid images from Loot. Quite on the contrary, you can disassemble all gear and sell them off. That is a true RPG. People will no longer rely on centralized servers, instead they will complete all operations on the blockchain. They will no longer hold one static image, but everyone can create his own game. If we compare this agility and compatibility with loot, a singe “adventurer” with the same outfit and gear claiming that it has created a new era, sounds like somewhat stupid.

When you login to a game, it will scan your MetaCore to see if it carries the game identity, honors, etc. This way of logging in completely discards the traditional user password system. User will no longer need passwords to log into a game. Currently, Cradles and Legoot already support the MetaCore system. More and more games and NFT ventures will collaborate with MetaCore to co-create the coming era of the Metaverse.

With one MetaCore, all modular NFTs can be mobilized, you can do everything you like, freely combine every NFTs together and separate them.

All features now are available on, your first combinable NFT, just try and separate each components on Legoot, and try to combine Legoot with MetaCore. Give it a try, then you will know it.

The next generation of NFTs have arrived.


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