We are pleased to announce that Cradles has now secured $1.2M in seed investment from global top notch investors, including Sfermion, Spartan Group, Huobi Ventures, LD Capital, Signum Capital, Animoca Brands, Republic Realm, IBA, DWeb3 Capital, Youbi Capital, and D1 Ventures.

The round also witnessed participation from notable Angels including:

EIP-3664 has laid the foundation of the next era NFT standards.

Its naturally endowed disaggregation and assemblage characteristics enable the arbitrary combination of all NFTs. Now the DRepublic team implemented it and publish the world’s first combinable NFT Platform - Metacore and first combinable NFT Product — Legoot, every players…

Author: T.Y

The explosive popularity of LOOT has revealed the limitless possibilities of NFTs, but the yoke of old NFT standards constrained the growth of metaverse. A new EIP-3664 standard could make NFTs reusable and upgradable, transforming them into a driving force for NFT combinability.

The threshold of NFT and FT differentiation

When we mention Metaverse, imagination…

We’re excited to announce that DRepublic, the developers behind Cradles: Origin of Species blockchain game, has confirmed a partnership with Polygon, the full-stack scaling solution which has taken Ethereum Dapps by storm.

In short, this allows the full deployment of the Cradles blockchain game and NFTs on Ethereum, without the…

by Tib Palin

Blockchain as the “next generation computing platform” has given us some revolutionary changes which are bound to change the future course of action of various business niches including gaming.

Blockchain gaming vs traditional gaming

Gamers generally spend an enormous amount of time playing different games. If you’re trying to acquire a legendary…

by Tib Palin

Cradles: Origin of Species is a prehistoric next-gen MMORPG powered by blockchain that lets you use your VR device for an immersive experience, choosing from a wide range of species to play as and exploring the virtual world from your soul. …

Hello. If you are reading this, you have survived.

You know who I am, and you know me as WISDOM.

When you receive this message, you will have already known about Cradles in Universe 3–664; no doubt, you are making haste to get there. You are on the right route…

Cradles: Origin of Species is a prehistoric MMORPG built by the DRepublic team and powered by blockchain that you will be able to equip with your VR device and immerse yourself into Cradles world, pretend to be any species you like, and explore the virtual world from your soul. …

Community is a very important link for us. We hope that all community players, game developers, and game designers can join our work to highlight the whole game. Therefore, we have launched two exciting community governance proposals.

Cradles Together

We will reserve a total of 25% token rights for the developers participating…

Time is an essential part of our game. It is calculated by the block time of blockchain. Time is passing by even if you are out of the game, like in real life.

There are three time periods in the game:

  1. Tour Opening
  2. Governance Preparing
  3. Governance Opening Periods

At the…


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